Third Congressional District

Democratic Committee

Campaign Staff

Campaign Manager

Campaign managers are in charge of all employees and volunteers associated with the campaign, including recruitment, selection, training, scheduling, counseling, salary decisions and performance evaluation. Managers are in charge of the campaign strategy, including media relations and incorporating knowledge of demographics and election laws. They make many of the final decisions for the campaign after being debriefed by the other key members. Managers are in charge of the candidate's calendar, including deadlines associated with the campaign, events that would be advantageous for the candidate to attend and planned public appearances.

Finance Coordinator

Job Description
    1. Recruiting and supervising the treasurer and other fundraisers.
      • Treasurer: Keeps accurate accounting of all incoming and outgoing money; signs all campaign checks; makes regular reports to the Finance Chairperson and Campaign Manager.
    2. Soliciting donations.
      • Calls important contributors.
      • Arranges meetings with potential supporters.
      • Creates lists of potential supporters based on previous campaigns and information gathered at campaign events.
    3. Serving on the budget committee (along with the Treasurer).
    4. Planning and organizing fundraising activities.
    5. Overseeing the writing of thank you cards and acknowledgements to those who have contributed.

Publicity Coordinator

Job Description
    1. Working with Steering Committee to establish priorities.
    2. Tracking campaign timetable and deadlines.
      • Helps establish budget.
      • Assists with creating slogan and style for campaign.
    3. Researching past campaign literature, and developing campaign pamphlets, flyers, and handouts.
    4. Purchasing promotional signs, billboards, bumper stickers, campaign buttons, etc.
    5. Meeting with candidate about press releases. Collaborates with Research Chair to provide factual information.
    6. Developing media contacts.
    7. Writing copy for newspaper, television, internet, and radio advertisements.
    8. Supplying media with pictures of the candidate.
    9. Supervising speech writers, advertisers, etc.

Volunteer Coordinator

Job Description
    1. Know How the Candidate Likes to Campaign.
    2. Organizing contact information for volunteers and being aware of what volunteers are willing to do.
    3. Scheduling volunteers to work shifts and complete projects.
    4. Supervising volunteers as they do their duties (including door-to-door canvassers, meet and greet staff, and office volunteers).
    5. Recognize volunteers who go above and beyond, and promoting them.
    6. Overseeing and assisting with the training of volunteers.

Research Coordinator

Job Description
    1. Forming and supervising a committee to research and give input on voter and issue targeting.
    2. Helping the candidate target key issues.
    3. Developing positions for candidate.
    4. Researching the opponents' positions.
    5. Researching the office sought by the candidate.

Scheduling Coordinator

Job Description
    1. Keeping a calendar of appointments and meetings for the candidate.
    2. Tracking campaign timetable and deadlines.
    3. Working with Volunteer Coordinator to arrange candidate’s event schedule.
    4. Soliciting events and activities for the candidate.
    5. Supplying key staff with advance copies of the candidate’s schedules.
    6. Researching all public appearances for the candidate, providing:
      • Time, address, directions, contact numbers, and maps
      • Contact people and roles.
      • Time length for candidate, and ground rules.
      • Background on group and attendance.
  • One person must be in charge of candidate's schedule.
  • Most campaigns rely on volunteer scheduler.
  • A sound decision-making process should be created.
  • Maps
  • Target Areas
  • Leaders
  • Organizations
  • Contacts
  • Special Events
  • Locations
  • Rating of Organizations
  • Community Calendar
  • Activities List
  • Drive Times
  • Phone/Address List
Rules for Effective Scheduling
  • Only the Scheduler Does the Schedule.
  • Know How the Candidate Likes to Campaign.
  • Know Everything About the Event the Candidate is Scheduled to Attend.
  • Give Accurate and Complete Directions.
  • Do Not Schedule Events Too Far in Advance.
  • Each Request for the Candidate's Time must be in Writing.
  • Don't Be Afraid of the Word "Detail".