Third Congressional District

Democratic Committee

Be an Activist: Volunteer

Volunteers are the backbone of any good campaign or organization. Whether it is a regular schedule or as needed volunteers are important.

  • Local Democratic Party
    • Serve as a Precinct Committeeperson.
    • Serve as a Vice Precinct Committeeperson.
    • Help register Democratic voters.
    • Make telephone calls.
    • Drive voters to the Polls on Election Day.
    • Attend Rallys
    • Volunteer at headquarters

Precinct Committee Persons

Each precinct in Indiana is allowed one Precinct Committee Person and one Vice Precinct Committee Person. They attend meetings held by their county organization. They are the most important part of grassroots organizing, working to turn out the Democratic vote in their neighborhoods by making contact with voters, registering them, and making sure they get to cast a ballot either by mail or in person. They should also assist their candidates running for state legislature and county offices in their campaigns as their schedule allows.

Precinct Committee Persons are also a voting member of the Central Committee, representing all Democrats in their precinct. They vote on official business that arises before their respective County Democratic Central Committee. They elect the officers of the County Democratic Central Committee every four years.

Without hard working Precinct Committee Persons, Democrats cannot win elections! The term is four years. Indiana holds election for Democratic Precinct Committee Persons in May 2010. To be placed on the ballot in the Primary Election one must file to be on the ballot in writing.

  • Political Campaign
    • Volunteer in a local campaign office.
    • Volunteer at campaign events.
    • Make telephone calls.
    • Canvass door to door.
    • Help do mailings.
    • Write Letters to the Editor
    • Drive voters to the Polls on Election Day.
    • Serve as a Polling Place Observer.

Register Democratic Voters

Register your neighbors and fellow residents for the elections.

Indiana requires voters to be registered to vote 29 days before the Primary or General Election. Many residents are not registered as a result of their address changing.

  • Where Can You Register Voters?
    • Public Events - Fairs, Concerts, Festivals, Games, etc.
    • Serve as a Vice Precinct Committeeperson.
    • Interested Neighbors, Co-Workers
    • Local Shopping Centers
    • Libraries